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See what laziness could do to your face

Found this photo on the internet, and it read bag and wrinkles below the eye. The solution is exercising.

i tried learning something new and got something else its still cool

This morning not log after meeting new friends, i decided to turn on my computer, check my blog and do a few settings before going back to bed in order to be fit for today's training.

10 things my Dad and Mum may not like about me in soccer. Ogar Henry

  1. Scoring an Own Goal

  2. Scoring less than 12 in a season

  3. Holding on to passes

  4. Holding on to ball foolishly

The odd feeling of me not liking my mum and Dad, Perhaps i love my team instead

My mum is cool and special to me, i wonder why i feel so odd, of not liking her. Probably because i am growing, and that feeling of always want to be in her room is off. perhaps i should just take back my step and act as i used to.

This has also caused me another stressful hour. maybe workout and sleep will just the night.

I have been feeling very foolish since today

since today, my mood have been foolish. After the Holy Mass today, it was disturbing and dull. i thought it would come to a clear feeling after the procession for the Christ the King's Sunday but it failed to do so.

My move to a club side will blink my eyes. - Henry Ogar

My first game in a professional club side will give me a blink. i love the blink, because its a sign of victory. I love several club side and i watch them play. i have supported the for a while, and will like to play for them. i don't have an idea how my game will be in Europe, My academy training is a good impact, and i don't miss out neither do i fight them when i don't see a game. i am beginning to feel a move for my first team.

Brief History of Bournermouth FC

The club was formed in 1890 Boscombe St. John's Institute F.C. and later reformed to Boscombe F.C.. in 1899. it was changed to Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic F.C. in 1923 before settling on their current name in 1972. with its nick name The Cherries, they have played all their home games in Dean court. Their home colour is red and black striped shirt with a black socks and short.